January 6th: The Feast of Epiphany


Today,  January 6th, is “The Feast of Epiphany”. It is a Christian celebration that honors the manifestation of a divine being: Jesus. This is the meaning behind my name — Epifani. Meaning not just a bright idea, but the celebration of a new beginning, a new way of thinking — an unfolding of a new consciousness and understanding of our relationship with God and ourselves.  I believe names are important. They carry an energy and breathe an intention when spoken. This is because words, themselves, are powerful and can manifest, which is why it is vital to always remain aware of what we say and what we allow ourselves to hear and believe. My mother loves words and understands their power, which is why she gave me this name. She wanted to make sure that with every call of my name she was evoking something powerful and wonderful and divine — she spoke life into me, and I am very grateful for that. I love my name.  Bethanee Epifani ( B’Epifani).

*screen shot pic from timeanddate.com*