A Letter to my Unborn Son #Ferguson #MikeBrown




I loved you at the moment of conception.

Your father and I decided to extend our timeline through you. You were our eternity.

As you grew inside me, I enthusiastically prepared for your arrival.

But my enthusiasm turned into fear – fear for your survival.

I realized that the world may not be as excited to have you here.

The world may not be ready to swaddle you in their arms like I would;

may not be ready to align your path with the golden opportunities our ancestors paid in blood for.

Why?..you ask.

Well you, my love, are a Black boy.

With skin of obsidian – smooth and flawless ;

deep and vast like star-studded galaxies;

warm like an indian summer in september.

You, my love, are beautiful.

But the world has yet to fully incorporate your beauty into its’ pallet.

They walk blindly, speak ignorantly, & kill unmercilessly.

They will try to color you out of history.

But I will not let them, I refuse to let them.

Your beauty, your genius, your art, your strength, your fight, your compassion, your style, your poise, your voice will live on as long as I have breath to declare it to the world.

I will write your history down.

Whether they acknowledge it or not, whether they honor it or not, whether they choose to do better or not,

it WILL be written.

Your birth will be your day of crowning and the start of your reign.

And I will be there to properly adorn you with the love and guidance they tried to deny you.

And your story – our story- will be an epic tale of triumph and glory.

So come now, and rest beside me…

we will leave the world outside for now…and dream.  

~BEpifani 2014

A Little Love Advice

A Little Love Advice.

black couple    woman-flirting-with-guy-in-bar1

I never claimed to be a relationship expert…but there’s one thing I know for sure. Men tend to be simple, while women tend to be more complex. If a guy is interested in a woman, his actions will display that. He will seek her out, initiate communication, ask to spend time, and voluntarily spend his money – do what he can to make sure he is not forgotten in the mind of the lady he is seeking to woo. So, ladies, if there is any advice I can give in order to clear your confused mind, it would be this: Until a man actually shows his interest and is genuine and consistent in his efforts to get to know you, please don’t mistake his pretty words for anything more than that…pretty words. Let those words roll off your back like rain off of a tin roof, smile, thank him for his compliments, and let that be all. Continue to live your life free of stress, doubt, worry and disappointment. No need to check your phone for any missed calls or an unread text – don’t place any expectations on someone you hardly know. Let it simply be a pleasant, entertaining encounter. Words must be in alignment with action, otherwise they mean nothing.



Participation in social media makes it easy for us to assume that someone else’s life going better that ours. We  curse our own fate and begin to envy those we see without ever knowing the details of that person’s life or the challenges he/she may face. It’s important to remember – especially in regards to social media- that things are not always as they appear, and that everyone experiences the highs and the lows that come from simply living. Don’t be so eager to forfeit your path in exchange for another’s. You don’t know what it takes to walk in their shoes, nor what they are enduring while on their journey. Instead of resisting your life, choose to be grateful. To compare means to negate all the blessings that have been given unto you.




Fear can serve as a form of self-protection/self-preservation, but fear can also serve as a veil that blinds us to the truth of who we are and all that we should be grateful for. The goal in life is to be able to discern between the two. 


Taking Flight



The older I’ve gotten, the further I’ve evolved, the more people I’ve shed. Learning to fly light felt lonesome at first. But now I’m able to soar higher with those of like spirits, without the weight of fruitless attachments. 


Word Power


“Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue”.

Be careful of what you allow your ears to hear and what you allow your mouth to speak. Root yourself in positivity and you will bear the fruit of what you cultivate.



light in hand

To Love means that you recognize yourself in the other. I had an experience today that reminded, yet again, that, as a Global Community, we have some ways to go before the weight of ignorance is shed; and the ideas of “brotherhood” and “sisterhood” are no longer simply utopian concepts, but rather serve as the foundation of a civilized society.