White Women Need To Chill



It is so easy to believe that the cause of the oppression that black people have endured stemmed from White men. After all it was White & Spanish men who forced us onto boats, and enslaved us. It was White men who created laws that to this day have kept black people socially and economically disenfranchised. It was White men who policed us and abused their power by stripping us of ours.
Being that White women have encountered challenges as a result of living in a patriarchal society and have fought to gain their own power, it is assumed that they would sympathize with the black struggle because they, too, have their own struggle. We also assume that as women, it is more in our nature to extend kindness to others — moreso than our male counterparts.

We were wrong.

Now, are there White women who empathize with our struggle and strongly disagree with the blatant injustice we endure, and have taken action to oppose the cruelty thrown against us by showing compassion & respect? Absolutely. Now, are there White women who could care less about black people? Absolutely.
Throughout our time in America, White women have stood next to White men and have hurled hatred at African Americans with audacity. Over time we have forgotten this hatred due to the strong outcry against sexism and the feminist movement. The focus of their hatred shifted from the Black community to one that prioritized their immediate needs as White women.



But with the many recent news headlines about White women calling the police on Black people, we are reminded that many White women fear and assume the worst about the Black community. When someone fears you as a result of their own ignorance and conditioned hatred they will oppose you and attack you.
By White women calling the cops on Black people — Black men, especially — they are utilizing their white privilege to draw harm towards Black people. We all know that when White women cry wolf and shed crocodile tears, the entire village comes out to assist her and to ward off any perceived negative force that dares to come near her. There is and has always been a priority to protect white womanhood, and White women know that there will always be others who will fight and attack on behalf of them. They can cause harm indirectly.  

Once I read the news of a White woman — Teresa Klein — who falsely accused a 9yr.old boy of SEXUALLY ASSAULTING her and called the police on him, I lost it! 




In my mind, I’m like this is damn near Emmett Till all over again!

Why would a 9yr. old grope you, Teresa?!

What was she expecting the cops to do?! Hand-cuff this poor boy? Place him jail?!
Even if the she was sexually assaulted — which she wasn’t — why not address the boy’s mother?? Because she didn’t want to confront her issue face to face and cowardly called the police to do the confrontation on her behalf. That lady was absolutely insane.




Some of these White women are abusing their power. Whether they are demanding that Black people not have a bbq in the park, or demand that a Black child not sell water on a hot summer day, or whether they are questioning the residence of a Black man and demand him to tell her what his apt. number is, or they secretly barge into a Black man’s residence while off duty and shoot him dead for no reason, it is an abuse of power that stems from fear and privilege. 



What’s even more maddening is that these women don’t see their actions as racist. But it is. They would not call the cops if these children or these men were White and they know it. What’s worse is that they feel no remorse for their transgressions until the world berates them and they are forced to give an empty apology.

And now, we have to hear Megan Kelly’s dumb comments about black face not being offensive.

UGH! This stress!

White women, Listen: Chill the f*%k out.

You wield enough power to cause considerable harm to Black people. Your fear is unwarranted, and rooted in bigotry. You have no right to try and control the actions of any Black person, especially Black people who are causing no harm and are minding their own business. Mind your business, sis.
All of this is a reminder that sexism and racism are separate struggles in the eyes of some White women. Even though injustice is wrong no matter the category it falls under, when some White women are fighting for equality, they are fighting for themselves alone. They will line the streets and protest against the patriarchy, but if a Black woman is assaulted by police or dies while in police custody, they are silent.

Let me clarify that I am in no way branding all White women with these actions. I know that there are White women who are allies to the Black struggle and genuinely care. Unfortunately, the bigots are the ones who are getting attention. I need our White, liberal allies to speak out against such cruelty and show solidarity. As Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

We are all connected. What affects one will affect another. We will never move forward as a country if black people are still considered to be “outsiders” in the land of their birth, or if we are assumed to be “agitators” when in reality we living our lives boldly and without apology — which you feel threatened by.

However, my life is no threat to your life.

So chill the f*%k out.

We have the right to live unapologetically, just like you. We have the right to be here. 



Kardashians vs. George Zimmerman: Who do the people care more about?


So Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian are having a baby.

Excuse my language but … who the f%@k cares?!

Congrats to them.

But, again, I ask, “Who the f*%k cares?!”

I NEVER thought I would write a blog post that mentioned the Kardashians but I’ve reached the zenith of my annoyance. Why do we care so much about this family?!? Do they pay our bills? Do they come to the family cook-outs? Do they pay off my monthly school loan to Sallie Mae? Have they ended world hunger? Did they find Bin Laden?? What DO THEY DO?!
What have they contributed to society aside from superficiality, scandal and confusion that keeps us tuned in to their every move?!

I must give props to this family; they certainly know how to keep people talking and the money flowing. But my frustration has less to do with them and more to do with the fact that we live in a society where #1). people can become famous from doing absolutely nothing and from exerting no real mental or creative efforts, and #2). that people have no idea about the issues that plague our communities, but they know details of celebrity life, which has no bearing on their day-to-day reality. They don’t know any updates on the Flint, Michigan water crisis, but they know who wore what at the 2016 Met Gala. They don’t know what Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary’s politics are, yet they know the exact day that Beyonce tickets are going on sale and all the dates for her Formation Tour. Our priorities are clearly warped.

Don’t get me wrong, entertainment is good and has it’s place, however, to have entertainment take precedence over real life issues is not only enraging, but, incredibly disheartening.

George Zimmerman has the audacity to try and sell the gun he used to KILL Trayvon Martin!!


Hello! Wake up people!!
This is what needs to be the topic of discussion, this is what should be on the blogs and magazine covers. The focus needs to shift. So many things are happening right underneath our noses that we neglect to properly address. The media does such a good job of distracting us with nonsense that we forget what is real and what actually matters. Don’t forget what actually matters. Jerk yourself awake from your zombie-like state, wipe the sleep from your eyes and take interest in what is happening in our world before it’s too late.

So unless the Kardashians are joining Black Lives Matter to help put George Zimmerman behind bars, or are helping to combat the blatant disregard for black people/culture whose style and creativity they CONSTANTLY STEAL from and salivate after, then I urge you to take your chatter elsewhere.

I don’t want to hear it, because they honestly don’t matter.

MLK: A Dream On Snooze


As I sat and reflected on MLK, I began thinking about all the religious and racially triggered events that had taken place in just the past few months. I thought about the heartbreak and the anger surrounding the unjust murders of mike brown and eric garner. I thought about the deadly shooting at the Charlie Hebdo publication, and the rallying international support it assembled. I thought about the massacre in Nigeria led by Boko Haram and the cold international silence that followed. I felt the blow of every event break me in two. My heart sank heavy with disappointment recognizing once again the lack of humanity within the human race.  And, if still alive, I wondered whether Martin would be celebrating today or feel just as weighed down as I did.


I think the dream of Dr. King was not to just get equal rights for black people, but for humans to begin to see themselves in each other. To realize the blatant, undeniable truth that we are more alike than we are different. To understand that God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma…whatever you choose to call this higher power created EVERYONE! Therefore, EVERYONE has the right to live. Yes, culturally and religiously we each carry a unique print that outwardly distinguishes one from the other, but at the core…at the very fucking core…we are the same…we want the same fucking things. We all want love, peace, health, security, stability, family, friends, and the freedom to determine and create a life tailored to who we are – where what I look like doesn’t dictate the trajectory of my life. I don’t want to live in a world that is “color blind”, that is so politically correct that it chooses to ignore or subtlety ebb out my uniqueness.

Instead, I’d rather live in a world where the fear and the ignorance surrounding those differences is eradicated. Where the fear and ignorance that was once given life by so many is replaced with knowledge, and having that knowledge finally clears the way for acceptance.  We have much further to go before the real “Dream” is actualized, and MLK is not just a nice story in the paragraph of our history books, soon to be forgotten until the following year, but to where MLK represents a concept that is entrenched within the consciousness of all mankind.


Dr. King was way ahead of his time in the sense that he was preaching and speaking about spiritual ideals to people who had yet to be elevated in their spiritual thinking. Dr. King preached about a God that loved and created everyone equally, but the problem was that people made God out to be a deity that was strictly for them. In their eyes, God was not a God for all, but a God for a select few…a chosen few. It maintained division and misunderstanding and tension and hatred. It created an “us” vs. “them” mentality that justified cruelty. I think in order for the human race to stop killing itself, and to prevent further crimes against humanity, their understanding of God and their relationship with God has to change.  God has never been exclusive to one type, but lives within everyone. Seeing yourself in someone else means seeing God reflected back. And After seeing God could you still kill him?  Could you unjustly jail him? Could you deny him his rights? Could you leave him to suffer and die alone? Apparently so.


MLK’s dream serves as a wake-up call to all those who are still slumbering. Those sleepwalkers who blindly operate through life only concerned with their own survival. I think Martin’s dream was not a dream at all, it was, in fact, a divine summons to the dormant God within all of us.

A Letter to my Unborn Son #Ferguson #MikeBrown




I loved you at the moment of conception.

Your father and I decided to extend our timeline through you. You were our eternity.

As you grew inside me, I enthusiastically prepared for your arrival.

But my enthusiasm turned into fear – fear for your survival.

I realized that the world may not be as excited to have you here.

The world may not be ready to swaddle you in their arms like I would;

may not be ready to align your path with the golden opportunities our ancestors paid in blood for.

Why?..you ask.

Well you, my love, are a Black boy.

With skin of obsidian – smooth and flawless ;

deep and vast like star-studded galaxies;

warm like an indian summer in september.

You, my love, are beautiful.

But the world has yet to fully incorporate your beauty into its’ pallet.

They walk blindly, speak ignorantly, & kill unmercilessly.

They will try to color you out of history.

But I will not let them, I refuse to let them.

Your beauty, your genius, your art, your strength, your fight, your compassion, your style, your poise, your voice will live on as long as I have breath to declare it to the world.

I will write your history down.

Whether they acknowledge it or not, whether they honor it or not, whether they choose to do better or not,

it WILL be written.

Your birth will be your day of crowning and the start of your reign.

And I will be there to properly adorn you with the love and guidance they tried to deny you.

And your story – our story- will be an epic tale of triumph and glory.

So come now, and rest beside me…

we will leave the world outside for now…and dream.  

~BEpifani 2014