One thought on “Colorism?…But at the Club, Though?

  1. FJ says:

    Such a well-expressed, much-needed, but sad commentary on the state of ignorance and mind-conditioning of too many folks — especially Blacks in America. I’m so sad that you’ve gone through this, yet you’ve literally “successfully gone through it”, taken the high road, educated others, and shared your experience, which is the experience of multi-millions of Black Americans–women especially. Including me. Amazing how devastating the American slave syndrome has been and still remains. Deep. The subconscious effect of self-hate is astounding! The key for those who are truly “woke” is to keep pointing it out to those still “asleep” to their true beauty, and lifting blinders from those who are still enslaved to self-hate…yet don’t recognize it. Blessings to you as you continue to enlighten, so that a true “epiphany” is sparked in the minds, hearts and lives of those who need it.

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