Kendall & Kylie: Stolen Genius

Ok, so I knowozzy-kendall-kylie-music-tees-4 I said that I would never post anything else about the Kardashians due to the fact that I have yet to understand their relevance.

However, this whole T-Shirt fiasco really pissed me off and I had to say something…
…and I must say, these girls have balls of steel. They are blatant, unapologetic thieves who will take your god-inspired creations, cross your name off of it, and showcase it to the world as their own …and, of course, charge a hefty price for them.
Now these girls — all of them — have stolen from African American culture, more specifically, African American Women. From the cornrows, to the thick lips, round butts, and fashion style, they mimic everything we produce and make money off of it. They want to be black so bad and, unfortunately, they have no personal culture to pull from and, therefore, take what they can get from ours.
Who can blame them? Who doesn’t want to be black when it comes to our swag, our cool, our very nature? Black people create dope sh*t. I’m not just talking about music, fashion, and beauty of which our influence is undeniable, but we’re also scientists, business moguls, and intellectual giants that never seem to get the credit we have always deserved for being pioneers in various lanes. The reason our contributions are rarely acknowledged is because our ideas get stolen. Unless our creations or ideas are showcased on a white body or are supported by white people, we are rarely seen as the inventors or catalysts of great things.

For example, a couple of yrs ago in Marie Claire magazine they had a picture of Kendall sporting 6 small cornrows on the side of her head and Marie Claire reports: “Kendall Jenner takes bold braids to an epic new level”.

kendall cornrows  Seriously??!! First of all, those braids were neither bold nor epic, Second of all, how LONG have black women worn their hair in cornrows??!! Since Forever! Kendall didn’t start some new hair trend, she took this trend from the black community. Wearing her hair in cornrows was not an issue, it was the fact that she was being advertised as some hair innovator, which simply wasn’t true. What Marie Claire really needed to do was fly in to Atlanta and attend the Bronner Bothers hair show and see what “epic” and “bold” really mean.

But again, it’s just one of many examples of how what we do gets taken, called a new name, and made into something “epic”. But these aren’t the only examples, just research how these girls have stolen from young, black, female fashion designers and then sold the clothes on their sight for money. They are pirates.

These T-shirts follow this same pattern. To have the audacity to plaster your face and name across the image of Biggie and Tupac is absolutely disrespectful. They literally used their faces to cover the images of these musical icons. Exploitation? Yes. But more than that, it felt like they were actually trying to erase these icons and their cultural contributions by obscuring their images. It was like they were literally pushing them aside, or, better yet, like they were trying to suggest that they were just as relevant or that they have contributed to culture to the same degree that Tupac and Biggie did. They were using the legacy of these artists to sell f#*king t-shirts and to make themselves appear just as important.


Kendall_and_Kylie_tee_shirts_Tupac_Metallica_Biggiekylie over tupac


In the words of Remy Ma: “Are you dumb?!”
Have you lost your mind?!  Did Kanye approve of this sh*t??!

I’m sure that neither Kendall nor Kylie even know the music or lyrics behind these artists that they claim to love so much, which makes their actions even more unbelievable. And the fact that kendall and kylie steal from a culture that they know nothing about and don’t publicly defend only adds fuel to the fire. Where were y’all during the marches and protests of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, and the countless others? Where were your words of support for black lives? Where were your words of condemnation against police brutality and murder? Or did you simply remain silent as you continued to strategically ransack our brilliance?

You take with no intention of giving back.
You take with no empathy for the lives who serve as the genius for your cash flow.
You take with no understanding of history.
You take with the desire to make yourselves look creative.
You take because you have nothing to give.

The apologies don’t mean anything because they apologize without having any clue as to the deep significance of their transgressions. Being “huge fans” of someone’s music doesn’t mean you use your image to fade out theirs, that’s not how you show appreciation for someone else. I don’t buy it AT ALL. Their ignorance only goes so far with me; they are old enough to do better. So to kendall, kylie and other transgressors who pattern them: Keep your disingenuous apologies and stop stealing our sh*t.

kendall bamboo earings

One thought on “Kendall & Kylie: Stolen Genius

  1. Wordsrspirit says:

    Awesome! Did I write this?? (Seems like words right outta my mind & mouth! lol.) Nothing new about our genius being stolen. But WE have to speak up when we see it happen. (Did Kanye’ see this tee-shirt? duh!) Bottom line is would they want someone to do this to THEM? Would their family allow this to be done to KIM? Nothing new about how bold these kinda folks feel. Entitlement? It’s like reaching into the grave and stealing a ring off the deceased finger and wearing it as if it’s their own. Disrespect–TOTAL. Stupidity–TOTAL. It’s all about the MONEY and their faces being seen. Pitiful little thieves.

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